It’s doesn’t take much to know that I haven’t been losing any weight at all. On the contrary, I think I have been eating loads lately to cope depressing moments. Afterall, food is the best way to cheer me up.

Am meeting Agnes for brekkie tomorrow before heading to work. I must be mad since I’m not a morning person and struggle to wake every morning. But still, I see it as an adventure!

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Am loving my lunches this week as well because with the car, I don’t have to eat depressing food anymore!

Lunch with Andy zai on Monday. Brought him to the shloop cafe that I went with Cindy the other day and he likes it. I love the cosy atmosphere that I kept yawning and wanting to sleep. Doesn’t quite help when I chose a quiet corner with sofa seating.

We had the combo lunch set, an Italian herb chicken, a pasta of your choice, 2 soup of the day and 2 soft drinks! I also ordered a bruchetta as a side because I was mad hungry that day and all ready to swallow a buffalo. Everthing came up to $19.80 so it darn worth the money.

Andy had carbonara while I had the chicken. It was okay tasting, but the sauce was a little too salty for my liking. Andy finished every single bit of his pasta so I take it as a sign of it being delicious. Am not a cream pasta person so shall not comment even when I took a bite of it. Tomato rocks in my world!

Lunch today was at this prawn noodles place at upper Serangoon. I was also very hungry so I finished everything before remembering that I didn’t take a picture. Very sad.

I wonder why I am so hungry these days. Feeling like a teenager all over again, less the metabolism rate.

Am heading back to that cacio e pepe Italian restaurant at upper Serangoon again. Another huge gathering lunch, 15pax!!! Can’t wait!

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