i spent the day clearing more stuff in my room. yes, indeed my room has lotsa junk. in the midst of it all, i uncovered this little file of mine that contains my sec 2 english assignments and exam papers.

i couldnt resist taking a look and reading the stuff i wrote.. and OMFG!!! my english is HORRENDOUS!! (not that my english is anywhere near fantastic now…)

remember the days where we had to read story books and do book reviews during the holidays. i remembered that i hated doing them and always do it only at the last hour. here’s one of them that i wrote.

Title: “Are you there, God?” It’s me, Margaret
Author: Judy Blurre
(i think its spelt like that, i cant read my terrible handwriting either!!)
Character description:
In this story, i like Margaret best.. because she feels very funny about girls growing up and she always pray to God above to ask him to answer her doubts. She is forgiving because even though her friend bluff her that she has got her period when she doesn’t have it, she forgive her also.

(note: those in bold were given words)

WHAT KIND OF BOOK REVIEW IS THAT?!?! `i couldnt believe how terrible my work is.. and i wondered how i actually survived school back then. hee hee.

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