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just got home from watching the importance of being earnest… kinda enjoyed it laughing my night away together with cindy. i guess it was a good thing that i watched it with cindy instead of der. he might not have appreciated the play since it was very much english about it, complete with the british accent.

last sat, i also spent the afternoon watching Kumar, stripped bare & standing up. it wasn’t as funny as i expected it to be, i have seen more interesting shows from him… but funny enough to feel it is well worth the moolah. funnily enough, i find it a little different because it’s like he’s letting you into his world, get up close and knowing him personally through the ‘wedding video’ that he had. it’s like an emotional side of kumar that you would hardly see as an audience.

the funniest thing was most probably when we were leaving the theatre and i told der to grab a copy of the flyer.. only to realise….


haha. quite a cool idea and totally unexpected. i thought kumar throwing out the free condoms out from his pockets during his talk was all there was to be.

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up next, i want to watch SING DOLLAR, and maybe.. cats.

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