All dressed and ready to enjoy the weekend!

This is, and will be the last weekend that I’ll be out and about before the baby pops. Well, I’m one day away from the due date (omg, it’s tomorrow!!) and even if he doesn’t come out, I’ll be induced anyway..

So yup, despite the pains and all.. I am determined to get out and have a nice brunch, dinner and just breathe the outside air for a bit, before the confinement starts. Maybe the walking will help bring on the labour! I seriously don’t want to be induced!

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend as well!

P.s. This stupid livejournal app is driving me crazy! The version 0.6.3 one though.. It just like crashed 20 times on me, despite me rebooting my phone and all, it still crashed like mad.. Causing me to lose my entry.

Am using the old version here to post this – thank goodness I didn’t delete the app away! This is so much more stable and comforting to use, despite it’s limited features. =)

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