Despite e terrible day at work, finding it extremely hard to work under e disco lights and a nagging headache..And then falling asleep on my desk and woken up by a colleague who kept shooing me home thereafter. A groggy me. A msg on msn from gabs made me laugh.

Gabs: hey, you are getting prettier these days.. Are you in love again?

I burst out laughing. It sure cracked me up. Am i prettier? I don’t think so with all e horrendous sleeping hours that i’m putting my body through. Am i in love? I don’t think so either. But then again, i have to admit that i have been laughing a lot for the last 2 weeks and i have friends who loves me!

Hee hee. Does laughter makes me look pretty? I want to laugh more!

Why does this entry sounds so bimbotic to me?

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