sometimes, i think i am very concerned about how people look at me.. as in how they view me as in individual. i think most of the reason why i am concerned is my curiosity. i’m just keen to know what people think. i might not even do anything to change the situation of how i am or how i lead my life even with the comments i get.

the other day.. rodney told me that he feels like i’m one happening person after reading my blog. not sure why. today, yihui told me she she likes reading my blog cos it’s interesting. and tiffanyx just left me a comment to say i’m funny.

i wonder what is interesting with the nonsense that i write everyday. and what is happening about my mundane daily activities. can someone enlighten me? or even tell me why are u reading my blog and keeping tabs on it?

one thing i know for sure when i read about others’ blog. sometimes, its not about what they write.. it’s just good to know how my friends are progressing and what they are doing with their life. i feel good to be updated.

so, what’s your say?

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