OOps. i think the halo and his wings are missing, but doesnt he look like an angel here?

makes me go… awwwwwwwwwwww.. when i look at the picture *heart melts* can’t quite believe that im gushing over my own son.

ok. der and me ordered a shoot for our son, way before he was born because we wanted to document him when he was just a newborn.. and we are very happy with the pictures. the funniest bit was when the shoot was done and it was time to select the pictures. der went, it’s ok. give me the entire CD of it (without even viewing a single shot). the photographer was like.. huh?! cannot, at least must view the pictures once. actually, we were in a rush and we sorta trusted her since she took my maternity shots as well.

these were taken when Jerry was only 6 days old. other than a peeing incident (that left der’s shirt soaking wet and a rainbow of pee that landed onto the studio floor) and a poo-ing accident onto my pants while i was feeding him milk, all else went fine and the baby was not fussy and according to maryann, he’s relatively easy to shoot! he just drank and slept!

i didn’t quite get involved in the shoot since i was dog-tired from the night before where i barely slept, and shamelessly plonked myself onto the sofa set at the studio and snoozed away, while der went about carrying the baby to the various props and help adjusted Jerry whenever required. i think he had fun. with the shoot (styling jerry’s hair) and with laughing at his wife with poo-laden pants.

here’s some of my favourite shots!

oops. r-rated, but i love his expression!

whose teddy bear is this?

love his little toes!!

dreaming under the tree..

guess who stole the limelight for this?

Der & me certainly wasn’t going to shoot with the baby, so we were not colour coordinated.. but the maryann kept asking us if we were sure we don’t want a shot.. at the end of the shoot, we jump in and took a couple of family shot, just for the sake of it.

for a moment, i wanted to say this is the first family shot, but realised it isn’t. we already took one moments after he popped out, while i was being wheeled back to the ward. 🙂 it is in der’s cammie and i don’t have the photos yet. shall share when i get them!

meanwhile, there are tonnes loads of photos from the shoot, but i havent gotten round to editing it. you can view the rest of the edited pictures here..

all photos here are taken by maryann from the studio loft. you’ll get 10% discount on their teeny weeny package (for newborns) if you present your baby bonus card. i got 20% off since i did my bloom package (pregnancy shoot) there as well. 🙂

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