i know people had said it many times. i know i definitely said it before.. but i REALLY need to say this again. this world is FREAKINGLY small!!!

oh. i just heard screams coming from the opposite block. is it a goal again? im losing my boy to world cup by the way.

Oops. sorry for the digression. i was talking about a freakingly small world. last week, i had a new team mate who sits besides me. outta the blue some time this week, she casually asked, hey, is belle ur good friend?. i almost freaked out. how the hell she knows i know belle? then it hit me that i had a picture of belle and me placed on my desk. (dont worry mich, your picture is there too.. just that no one in my office knows you yet!) and so, she turns out to be belle’s friend, whose sister incidentally is from my secondary school (i know who she is too) and is a dancer together with belle.

then came friday when the department had a dinner function. we were the hosts and we had to mingle with the guest and be seated alternatively. i had someone from the creative agency on my right (a new girl whom i found strangely familiar), and another girl from the media agency seated on my left. as the dinner progressed, i was desperately trying to make small chats (ok, im not quite a good conversationalist). turns out, the girl on my right is the ex-gf of my tp friend, brandon and we do have a couple of common friends to talk about.

the girl on my left? she’s a malaysian to begin with and it turns out that she knows my uncle. oh my gawd. can u believe it? all the way from KL (which is quite huge/far by my standards) and she can describe my uncle to me. one thing for sure, i dont quite agree that she said my uncle was humourous. it so happened that i was trying to tell her about my malaysian background to find common grounds and talked abt my uncle working for the papers, and is migrating to new york. and it so happened that she work for the media in KL before popping over to singapore.

i havent started talking about my team yet. fiona is from tp’s marcom, the same course that i was in, but one year my senior. we also had common friends cos i mixed a lot with the seniors while i was back in school. jen graduated from SIM, in the same course as well.. and was 2 batches before me. turns out, her ex colleague was my tp marcom classmate. and so, the world sorta knew each other. that said, i havent searched them on friendster yet. im sure we’ll have a lot more friends in common. eeks. scary right?

i swear i better keep all my evil thoughts to myself and lock them all up at my blog else someone who knows someone else pops by and sees it.

anyway, i just realised its bloody late. i cant sleep in my bed tonight. it’s been hijacked by my uncle who is flying back to seattle tomorrow morning. im dehydrating, and sweating in the living room, trying to pen more of my thoughts down before the flurry of the week whacks me hard again.

ok, i think i better turn in soon. i have classes to attend tomorrow night still. i’ll end with the pictures of the dinner on friday. good nite, small world!

p.s. i know alex is almost in every picture. i dont know why.. he went trigger happy that night (which is quite unlike him) and demands to be in a lot of the photos.. maybe its the wine..

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