Look at the sky.. I slept 2 hours last night and struggled to wake at 5.45am. My eyes are so tired from the lack of sleep the entire week that i can’t open my left eye. It’s painful and annoying. I hope it’s better in 1-2 hours time. For now, i’m blinded in one eye!!

The only good news is that my nightmare will soon be over and done with. Just a couple of hours more. I’m doing the drill of mentally rehearsal all the items, things that need to be done in the process. My mind feels fried and it’s been so tight recently that i actually worry about getting a stroke. It can’t seem to relax..

Anyway, for all that.. The event BETTER break some news so that my efforts are worth.. Now.. Just keep a lookout on the major papers for the next few days.. And maybe the wb for tonight.

I just need to pray really hard. =)

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