the event went really well.. as per the feedback i had. the response was overwhelming.. had only less than 10 drop-outs of those who rsvped and many more turned up..

only a major glitch which caused the guest to stand and sit and stand again.. but everything went really well though i was really (1)tired, (2)lost in thoughts and (3)nervous.

oh wells. it’s over and for the last 5 hours.. i so want to scramble out of the office and find a place to sleep.

and yes. i didn’t do work the entire day after i got back to the office except for a little release and spent all the time reading blogs, chatting on msn and dozing off at my desk.

i am really tired. everyone could tell, everyone knows and everyone is giving me some leeway cos the preparations were really horrendous.

turns out, i think wb didn’t manage to feature the article in time..but class 95 was the first to blurt the news. i got an sms from derrick to tell me he heard my ceo on the radio, while the event is still in the midst.

as much as i hate the entire event, the preparation works, i didn’t regret doing it. i learnt quite a bit of stuff.. interacted with a lot of people and reporters/media.

and the auditorium hall was packed. i cannot believe it.. i was still thinking that there might be a poor response event.

ok. gotta go for a department celebration now with a crab feast and karaoke to end the day.

hopefully i can survive the night!

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