attended janice & shawn’s wedding at grand hyatt on the 7 dec. i was super late for the wedding because it was on a weekday (monday) and the fact that i have tonnes of work to clear with an impending big roadshow that very weekend.

i ended up running into the ballroom only when the bride and groom were getting ready to do their march-in!

i also bumped into kevin gay (surprise!) at the lobby after his dinner with his parents. and i thought he was invited to the wedding too (the whole bunch of us used to party together in the past).

met the poly friends (mostly my bestie’s classmates) and funny how i was the odd one out from the group, but it was still a joy to catch up with them. everyone is like married or getting married. my.. i guess we have all aged.

the wedding was a beautiful affair (as always) and during their second march-in, janice and shawn danced and waltz-ed their way in and i thought it was a really fun idea to do so. the bride was in a cheery yellow gown and it immensely brighten up the entire affair.

the party kakis, errmm.. hougang girl

the night was short (because i came late) and i just cannot wait for the next meet-up so that i can find out more about everyone!

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