its the much-looked forward to event of the year! mostly because of the gorgeous lucky draw prizes and the fun games.

this year, the theme was boomz and blingz! i must say, the entire department have been really game for the theme and came dressed to the nines! those who didn’t (mostly the managers) were being made to dance to the song – Nobody.

mark who was in the committee had a lot of fun teaching the folks the dance!

this is mark and the 2 committee boys doing the performance.

i don’t know how to rip the forfeit video off my colleague’s facebook (can it even be done?) so, those of you who are on my facebook can go view it here. it’s hilarious! but given the 10 mins training, i must say its quite commendable.

most of the pictures are being loaded in facebook by my colleagues, so am ripping them to put it here!

and i had the chance to take picture with Phua Chu Kang and tarzan!

the prizes this year were rather great, with loads of game consoles (wii, psp, ps3, xbox) up for grabs, gadgets (handphones no less + iphone!, ipod touch, ipod nanos etc), hotel stays, trips and a lot of netbooks and laptops and of cos, shopping vouchers.

last year, i died at prize 40+ and won a $200+ philip digital photo frame. this year, i survived till the 17th prize and got myself a wii console + guitar hero set! throughout the lucky draw i kept chanting.. no spa vouchers, no ipods, no handphones (other than iphone), no wiis please!

but i got the last wii there was available (think there were 4 of them) and that while it left a lot of people disappointed (they wanted it!) but i was even more depressed since the boy just sold off the wii earlier this year since we didnt have the time to play at all.

*sob* i need to sell it off AGAIN. there were a lot of people who were keen in swapping their prize with mine though!

but then, it was still a lot of fun nonetheless. I am looking forward to the next party!

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