and just like that.. a month passed us by!


happy 1 month, my little one!

the day started early when we woke the kids, bathed them and packed them out of the house before 8.45am. for Jerome, bathing was done with pomelo and pomogranate (红花) leaves. ermm, the leaf was strategically placed. heh.

his head looks really big in comparison to his tiny feet here!


for me, I was up at 6am to help my mum pack the red eggs and ang gu kueh. 

my mum spent the night before cooking 140 eggs and coloring them. massive operation!

I dressed Jerome in a customized romper that I made for him and the brother. Jerry wore one that says, “dragon baby so what? I am the big brother!”. I totally forgot to take a picture of them both with their tees.

trimming Jerome’s nails for the first time ever.

gonna miss these pretty nails.


once everyone was ready, we popped over to collect the traditional cake slices from gin thye  that I ordered for the party before showing up at the party venue – Marina bay residence.


I was pretty busy with the setting up and logistics stuff the whole time, I totally forgot to take any pictures. kinda wanna smack myself for that.

here’s a picture of Jerry snitched off my friend’s fb. check out his tee and i love the amazing view. it’s also the reason for the choice of venue.

million dollar view. I didnt realise it was also chingay on the same day, else I could have had the party in the evening and we could all enjoy some fireworks in the process.


the party all went by in a blur. people were constantly showing up, I was trying to catch hold of everyone and before I know it.. the party ended! I wishes I had more time to interact with all those that came! and I totally forgot to take any pictures with the guests at all.

these were the only pictures that I managed to capture.. and it didn’t have Jerome in it! am very thankful that there were loads of volunteers helping to keep Jerry entertained while Derrick & me hosted those who came. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for everyone’s effort for that, especially all the cousins, and friends turned baby sitter else we really would have our hands full with handling him! he’s has so much energy that he wore almost everyone down that was chasing after him. good thing is that everyone loves Jerry and he loves their attention pretty much too and save for a couple of falls and accidental knocks, he braved through the party as a happy kid and came home with very dirty clothes.


I also wanted to kick myself for forgetting to appoint someone to take pictures so I don’t have any pictures of the party. argh.

my cousin Nick, with Jerome.

Gary and wenmei showed up when the party ended and we took the opportunity to put the 1 week old apart babies together for a picture. Jerome looks like he’s surrendering here but he tried to fist xavier! haha.


post party, we zipped home and packed everyone off to Johor to visit my grandpa and to distribute the full month cakes to the relatives. it was a mad tiring day. we didn’t get home till way past midnight!


at his one month check up, Jerome sure beefed up quite a bit from birth!

he put on almost 1.5kg since birth and grew taller by 4cm. quite an achievement for a month-old baby! grow well my little one, mummy and daddy loves you!