Been wanting to give Jerry’s hair a trim. It has been growing fast and furious and became quite unruly, especially with natural curls in his hair. The past 2 weeks saw us with 2 unsuccessful attempts in cutting his hair. Once, the place was closed and the other, it was PH and they closed especially early. We were there when it was still open but the lady told us she is not going to cut anymore and is going to close shop. =(

We were stuck in forum yesterday from the heavy rain while I was shopping for a present there after work, so despite a long queue at the hairdresser’s.. We went for it and waited it out.

And here’s a video that I took! He’s such a darling during the haircut. Accordingly to the lady, they’ll get used to it if you keep bringing them..

Can you tell I’m in love with my son these days? heh.

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