Planning THE party has been quite the arduous task. Party venue woes aside, planning the guest list, sending out invites, deciding on the menus, ordering the full month cakes for relatives and the last minute works. Wow.

And I thought it could be a simple affair. I am soooooooo wrong. Everyone wanted to turn up (and turn up they did!) and the party turned out to be quite a mayhem, packed to the brim, lack of food, guests going hungry, my relatives had to stand at the door to give way to others. Oh my… I feel like a bad host!

First thing first, cakes. We had wanted to do away with this but it is only right since Jerry is the first great grandchild on 3 sides of the family and it is only polite to give out the full month cakes to our elders. Guess what? I realized that there isn’t a lot of companies that are doing this really well. Either their packaging sucks (omg, some of them are freakingly ugly) or that the bundle is not presented nicely, not worth the price, don’t have the stuff that I wanted. So after checking out all the available bakeries offerings, I ended up with sweetest moments (one that I said I wouldn’t order from cos it didn’t taste that great) but their packaging is by far, the nicest and most acceptable by my standards. No wonder everyone seemed to order from them!

I made a mistake ordering the cakes. There were 2 kinds, the one pictured above and the other more modern kind with assortment of cakes/swiss rolls and all (forgot to take a picture of it)., and guess what? I made a mistake on the dates and ended up ordering a lot more than I should to be collected on the WRONG day, 3 days before the party. I learnt an expensive lesson there because I couldn’t cancel the order..

The card that accompanied the cakes. I love the message there. Heh. I thought it’s pretty cool and hip, then again, it’s just me.

Anyways, it was confusing because these cakes have to make their way to Msia.. With the help of my bro & mum, they delivered the cakes to my relatives in msia.. Just like how it was for my guo da li. Aiyo, a lot of work leh (even though it was not delivered by me).

Der and me also went to order traditional old school cakes from gim thye cake maker to be served at the party and almost couldn’t get the cakes cos we were so late in ordering and apparently it was an auspicious weekend and they had loads and loads of orders! Thankfully everything went on smoothly and everyone loves the cake!

I had to prepare red eggs as well to be served at the party but on Friday, my mum decided that serving it is not good. We have to pack and give it away to all the guests as a token of appreciation for those who came so my brother had to go order loads of ang gu kueh to be packed with the red eggs at the last minute.

Imagine the amount of work!

Eggs being prepared on the morning of the party to ensure freshness…

The production line of packing.. Done by my
mum, brother and aunt who was in town from
KL to attend the party. Big shot, my little one is.

While all this was happening, daddy bathed the kiddo and mummy got ready all the diaper bag with all the needs to brave the entire day out.

Daddy in action!

Post bath, mummy cuts jerry’s nails for the first time!

Check out his super long nails that often scratched me to death. That’s where all my calcium went! I know who to blame when I get osteoporosis in the future (and I got proof!!). Before and after pictures, it’s so hard to trim his nails because he is constantly flailing them!

Ok. Technically, this isn’t the end picture cos I trimmed it neater but was rushing so didn’t take a picture after that.

All dressed up in the customized romper that I bought him.

Him getting the first ang pow of the day from grand aunt!

Because he had a nice head full of hair, I refused to have it shaved and I cut a small buncha few strands of his hair off, to symbolize the shedding of the birth hair and to ward off any bad vibes and evil. *heartpain* i wish i didnt have to cut his hair at all! Hair & nails, wrapped in red paper.

My mum says bring the nails wrapped in red paper, find a really huge stone and place the nails under the stone so that Jerry will be more courageous in the future. I wonder how much truth there us in there and of cos, we haven’t done it yet.

With that done and the bag’s packed, off we go to the party! the slight drizzle that morning sure didn’t dampen our spirits.

Party was being held at With a Pinch of Salt located along Tanjong Katong road. I totally forgot to take a picture of the front door of the place but you can view the pictures off one of my earlier entries when I headed there for lunch.

These are about the only 2 pictures that I took with my phone. There wasn’t enough seats and everyone came right about the same time!

I spent the whole time talking to friends, relatives, trying to catch everyone, thanking them for their well wishes and presents, ensuring everything was ok, and believe me.. There are so many people that I didn’t managed to speak to even though I know they came! It’s that bad and both der and me, we didn’t have a chance to stand together. It was a hectic 3 hours and everything went by in a blur.. And with me on a hungry stomach! We simply didn’t have the time to eat and all the guests started pouring in! The food wasnt sufficient despite us catering additional 20pax on top of what we ordered. Somehow, it just depletes the moment it hits the buffet line. And before I know it, it was 3pm!

Here the few pictures that I have actually managed to take amidst of all the chaos..

With Wendy, Mildred and Agnes.

With Brenda.

With my colleague Sharon and her son, Caleb.

With Wenhao and baby jaryl who was born exactly a week before Jerry! And yup, he’s wearing a customized cookie monster tee, his full month gift from me that’s a set with his brother Joel who had Elmo. Too bad Joel was too active and we didn’t managed to capture a picture of him and his tee.

See? Jaryl (born in 38th week) is way bigger than Jerry (born in 41st week).

A snapshot with my baby.. He looks so lost here.

Someone took an unglam shot of me..

With Soo leng and Juliana..

My ex team mates from pizza hut.

Jerry had a whole bunch of presents and loads and loads of Ang Pow. My room is currently filled with it all (the presents) and I’m wondering what to do with them! not enough storage space!!

For those who came and took pictures, do send me the pictures.. Would love to see them!

Meanwhile, apologies to all who came and that I didn’t manage to have a proper chance to catch up. And thank you for all the generous gifts and presents. We are very thankful for all who came (Jerry is indeed very well loved) and really, couldn’t ask for anything more than the blast of a party we had.

And well, I kinda shudder to think about his ONE year old party.

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