i am slowly catching up with the backlogs. but i guess it’s never as good as when the event is fresh in your mind.

i feel so sucky about this, because on the day of the run, i was feeling shivers down my spine in the morning, sneezed non stop in the early morning and i tried to remedy the situation by downing glasses and glasses of water and as well as a vit c effervescent. i thought i could make it throughout, but the cramps and the stitches apparently were the show stoppers.

oh wells. at least i did have fun posing for pictures, staring at people running past me, and enjoying my scenery while i brisked walked to my destination.

when the horn sounded and the hordes of legs trudging forward, someone apparently dropped more than $160 worth of cash onto the ground. i was being “pushed” forward by the runner behind me when i saw a $100 note, $50 note and $10 note flying near the ground. it’s like.. woah! so much money!

my regret? i didn’t whip out my camera to take a picture of it, but i guess i never would have managed it in that split second. i think i will be trampled upon. about 5 metres down, i saw this poor bloke trying to go against the human traffic and i seriously pray that his money is still around by the time he reaches it.

seriously?! why would one run with so much money?! especially when it is not secured in a wrist pouch or something?

i managed the first 3 km fine and i started to feel like my body is giving it up, plus the fact that i have been knocked into and pushed about several times by the people behind me and trying to take over. i slowed my speed and told myself to take it easy since i knew that i wasn’t feeling that great.. but it was a terrible thought, because the next one that came into my mind was… aiyah, why push myself so hard? take it easy and enjoy the scenery. with that, coupled with the pain, i turned my jog into a brisk walk. the terrible terrain of the up and down slopes + the hot sunset just wasn’t me. i had to admit this was my worst race ever! well, needless to say, i just walked the rest of the journey with short sprints here and there and i completed the race in 44.02 thereabout.

i guess it’s horrendous, but who cares. it’s not like i went to run to get a personal best or something, though its a little disappointing that i didnt complete the race like i think i would.

that’s us, post race with our adidas cap.

view the entire set of pictures here.

and you would think that i would be fairly dry with that little running, but my top/shorts was soaked through.

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