what was supposed to be planned as a diving trip took a change in direction when we asked the rest of the couples if they were keen on heading out on a day trip together with a private longtail boat. everyone was keen, and i decided that we’ll shelve that diving opportunity to another time and welcomed the company that we had.

as such, we planned a day of island hopping (to the phi phi islands) on day 5!

i didn’t whip out my camera as often as i though i would on this trip. i guess the iphone was a niffy gadget and i sorta relied on it too much, resulting in quite a fair bit of crap pictures (bad resolution), but it’s ok!

by this day, with the many days of early morning, both der and me were tired out and all we wanted to do was sleep!

we pretty much eat, snorkeled at the islands. it was high tide at most of the islands that we went to – phi phi don, phi phi ley, bamboo island (koh mai pai), maya bay, monkey beach (yong gasem bay), vikings’ cave and some cove where it is surrounded by hills/stones. or maybe a couple more islands/beaches but I lost track at all the places that we went. it was just islands after islands, beaches after beaches and clear blue skies with beautiful clear sea water and amazingly interesting sea beds filled with fishes, corals, sea weeds and other sea creatures.

some landscape pictures that I took at the cove area..

the famous maya bay. it was so packed that the boat doesn’t have a place to dock, so all we did was to stop at a nearby beach and snorkeled in the area.

me on boat, down at the beach at phi phi don and the boy.

at phi phi don, check out my ‘horns’ in the shadow.

rows of longtail boats and soaking our feet in water.

don’t ask me what the boy was trying to do for the shadows.

bading phi phi don goodbye.

the lunch was bad, the rice tasted like it’s rock but we weren’t exactly fussy with food because we weren’t hungry (for some weird reasons). we just had loads of fruits and i guess it’s also the fact that i have packed in some snacks/buns and bread in my bag hence, we were the least worried about being hungry.

here’s some shots of me snorkeling.

me, holding bread in my hands to feed the fishes and snapping some shots with my iphone

the interesting part of snorkeling on this day is that we got to swim in the open sea, and snorkel. i put on the life jacket for the first snorkeling experience since the water is rather deep and you have to keep yourself afloat at all times (the sea bed is filled with sea urchins!) so i thought the life jacket was a safe bet. soon i realised that if you are rather well-versed in swimming (not saying that i am), i think you can do without the life jacket because i find that it hinders your action more and i spend more time pulling down the life jacket making myself more comfortable as compared to spending time watching the fishes. after which, i swam without my life jacket on all other occasions.

i also realised one interesting fact – the iphone touch screen does not work underwater. interesting and frustrating to find out because i bought a waterproof bag for it but i couldn’t take any pictures in the water! i managed to combat the situation by sticking half the phone in the water (where the camera lens is) and half out (where the snap button is), and take pictures underwater. the thing about doing this is.. i cannot dive down and take pictures of the fishes up close, which would have been really COOL. and most of the pictures i took were rather blur (with my head in the water and my hands outside), and am unable to take any pictures of the fishes that were too far away from the water surface.

had loads of fun, enjoying myself to the max and am always one of the last few to get back on the boat. i felt like i belonged in the water. soaking up the sun, enjoying the pretty sightings of the sea creatures. shall do another post on the fishes that i spotted. need to sort the tonnes of fish pictures out.

when the day ended, i was so sea sick that i wanted to vomit. i guess being out in the open sea, the waves just hits you subconsciously and when i got back onto the boat.. i really felt sick. i gave up eating the nice cooling pineapples that they served and snuggled up on der’s laps and took a nap to combat the nauseousness.

all in all, it was a fun trip! on hindsight, i realised it was such a dangerous thing to do because..

(1) the fishes were all wild, you’ll never know what happened. i suffered quite a fair bit of fish bites while i was trying to feed the bread and i think they thought i was the bread!
(2) many of the sea creatures were poisonous and all i had on was a teensy bikini. i should have known and covered myself like all divers do.
(3) we were snorkeling where all the boats are docking and if no one spots you when a boat is docking…. the worse is up to your imagination (with those huge ass speed propellers and powerful motors)
(4) it was rather dangerous not wearing the life jackets… i could have gotten a leg cramp and just sink and drown because the water was so deep!

still, it’s a really memorable experience that made me wanna go back again!

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