peaceful. and no chance of a potential meltdown when I leave the house.


that said, he woke bright and early, had loads of playtime and cuddles on my bed and stepped all over me while I desperately attempt to snooze in a few more futile winks. had his milk and vitamin feed and his breakfast of porridge plus the usual morning dose of his favourite YouTube phonics song and a web chat over Skype with my aunt in the US (who demands requests my son to report daily). all that, before he KO and went down for his nap.


what a morning. and what? is it only 930am now?


been clocking in 10-12hrs work days for the entire week and I’m pretty much zombified. can’t wait for the weekend break before the madness start all over again next week.


it’s Friday people! can you smell the weekend already?  give me a shout, if you are as excited about the weekend as I am and tell me how you are going to spend it.. i wanna gatecrash!! im joking! every weekend is a blessing when you have a kid. this weekend, I’m going to attend a bloggers workshop (woohoo!) and am going to spend the rest of it as playtime with kiddo (maybe take his car out and rev up the engine)  and catch up on my sleep. hmm. can it be 9.30pm now already?!?!


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