One of the rare moments where I didn’t crash into slumberland and had time to think about something.

April came swiftly and a week went by before I knew it. Work turned up a few notches in speed for the past weeks. StarHub Mobile is 10!! I spent my long weekend at suntec for the roadshow and feeling totally sleep deprived.

I have much to do on a the personal level, but I have only completed like ONE task thus far. Some of you might be seeing it soon!

Here’s some pictures in the month of April.

On April fool’s day, my colleague (April) found this on her desk – shit in her cup and a label that says stop stirring shit.

Her surname was also changed. Super hilarious.

A cute birthday cake for some of my colleagues. Too cute and I gobbled down 2 huge slices that night becase I was so famished. Between this colleague and me, we finished half the cake!

Some lovely cupcakes that I have been eating over the last weekend, at my event.

Lastly, what I wore today yesterday! Everyone asked why I’m so formal. I told everyone that i went for an interview. Haha. Nothing much actually, just that I need to wear clothes with sleeves and I gave ran out of wardrobe seeing how 95% of my tops/dresses are sleeveless. It’s been a major headache lately and I don’t know how I am to survive the weeks to come! Argh.

Okie. Better get to bed. Night.

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