I have no idea why i couldnt continue the earlier post. It keeps crashing when i tried to edit it. Like after 20 tries, decided to post it abd continue in a separate post.

X.silly visits the duomo too! V excited!

A shot with me and a shot, all by himself.

Duomo and part of the piazza below.

Love this shot of the piazza with the shadow of the duomo.

Right at the roof top.

This is the other side of the duomo where its equally beautiful.

I think i could easily spend the entire day there at the roof top reading a book or something but i had to get down cos the urgency of needing to pee almost killed me. And you know, toilets aint easy to come along in europe, especially the free ones so i had to leave the beautiful sights behind.

More on the rest of the day later. Time to turn in.

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