We roamed the streets once again after the duomo visit even though we pretty much covered everything on the first day.

Spotted this window showcase with loads of sopie kinsella books in italian. Love their pretty colors and the muted pastel colours! Too bad, i cant read italian, else i would have considered buying one of these books for keeps.

Lunch was at this replay restaurant. Though in italy, its mostly alfresco dinning where you can people watch.. We chose the indoor seats for this restaurant instead. With the alfresco dinning also comes with loads of cigarettes’ smoke as diners are allowed to puff away anytime.

Our bread. Funny how each time we dine, the olive oil and balasmic vinegar aint given to us automatically. I wondered if it cos of our skin color and if racist is present. And they almost seemed annoyed when we ask for chilli flakes, tabasco and pepper to compliment our pizza and pastas. Or was iy rude that we are trying to add ‘flavour’ to their recipes?

The interior decor of the restaurant. Pretty pretty.

Finally the balasmic vinegar and olive oil are here.

My tomato based pasta which i donated to der eventually. Can’t seemed to stomach the foods here and am feeling rather dampened.

Have been trying out the various foods but der has been the one finishing them all. Between us, we think we’ll return with him fatter and me, skinner.

Our salad, which i managed quite a fair bit and i poured tonnes of vinegar in it to help with my appetite.

Der’s delicious looking mariana pasta that taste weird to me as well. Maybe im not quite the herbs person and the sauces they have all reeked of some herbs.

Piazza reale. This is a museum but we didn’t check it out as i needed to use the toilet and it was a hassle to walk back to where it was.

Der walking towards the entrance.

Our feet on the pebbles floor, and yes, der’s new adidas shoes.

Back in the shopping galleria vittorio emannuele. This is the famous bulls’ ball where it is said that you put your heel at the bulls’ balls and turn 3 rounds, you’ll have good luck! Both der and me tried it and believe me, its not easy taking a picture of it without anyone because everyone was crowding around it and raring to give it a go.

Statue of lenardo da vinci, found at one of the 4 ends of the galleria, specifically in the direction of the bulls ball.

Frontal view of the statue, with the 4 disciples at one corner of the statue.

There’s this green plague looking thing at the foot of the statue. No idea what it says.

I cant remember what the name of this building is… But its a church for sure.

A model of the landscape with the key buildings with braille – little dots for the blind to read.

Saw this cool little box where a local magazine/tv station get people to get inside and snap some pictures. Niffy idea for marketing.

And the last church that we visited in milan. Something something Bibla. Sorry. Need to refer to the map for the actual names but im blogging this on the go (right now in a small restaurant in venice trying to get out of the cold. Its raining outside with heavy winds and apparently, but der and me are not dressed to battle the rain!).

That kinda ended our journey in milan. On the way back to the hotel, i popped into prada and bought a classic prada bag in fabric. Much preferred the leather version but these days, i think the leather bags are giving me shoulder aches because i lug so many things around and the bag in itself is almost a kg.. So after much delibration.. Fabric it was, when its weight is less than half of the leather cousin.

And nope. No pictures yet. The bag is still in lying snugly in the cloth bag. And thats the end of the milan adventures!

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