Weirdly, I have been lemming for durians a lot more frequent with the pregnancy. I have no clue why!

Well, my mum says that if I do have a craving, I should get it satisfied so that the baby won’t salivate when he/she grows older. Yup, it’s a old wives tales but I don’t mind listening to it since I get to eat what I wanna eat!

So, the bro knowing that I have been craving for it constantly, brought me some over the weekend (after my swim on Sunday). He actually went out specifically to get me the durians because his sister me is totally clueless about choosing durians.. Much to the disappointment of both my mother and brother. Errmm.. The reason is, I grew up with durian plantations, picked durians on the plantations and helped my grandma sell durians/fruits when I was a kid on the weekly Saturday pasar malams. As I grow older, my grandma too got older and the plantations were given to someone else to manage and I lost all skills that I had with me as a kid. There was also a period of my life in my childhood where I hated durians and didn’t touch it for a couple of years (think it makes me think work and made me feel disgust). Guess my brother was older so he retained his knowledge with him.

The durians I had on Sunday.. It was ok and not exactly fantastic but I ain’t complaining!

I got a text message earlier and bro messaged to ask me not to eat too much for dinner because he bought durians for me!

Today’s durians were really yummy. Thick, creamy flesh with a slight bitter aftertaste. Even my mum couldn’t resist and kept ‘snatching’ the durians to eat! I was soooooo full after the 5 durians that I almost couldn’t walk.. Too too full and am so ready to explode.

The hubby ain’t home yet, but I kept some for him.. I would have eaten more if there’s still space on my tummy. Right now, I’m lying on the bed like an up-shore whale, not moving an inch because I have difficulty doing so.

I know, greedy me. But I’m HAPPY!

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