.. is 6 months of paid lj account from silli_boi! Whoopedo!

still, i didn’t bear to part with my money for the permanent account. has the price been increasing over the years?

hmmm.. actually, the first christmas gift that i received is actually my nds lite from der, which has been with me for the last 3 months. hee.

i also had a mini real christmas tree sitting on my desk (i forgot to take a picture of it to show here), a pretty little nail filer from jen and crabtree & evelyn hand lotion as presents.

looks like the ho ho ho season is coming fast!

on health news, i spent the entire morning queuing at the polyclinic just so the doctor can refer me to a specialist, but the doctor is really annoying and said i was ok and kept brushing my slightly abnormal blood test result aside and said i dont need a specialist.

Grrr.. today, my white blood cells are on the high and she said it was cos i am having a irritable throat. so, she sent me home without a letter or anything. so tell me, i’ll just leave the bruises to appear and not do a thing? and she still had the cheek to tell me that.. oh, the bruises are UGLY.

oh. how i hate the polyclinics. maybe i’ll go back to my GP and request for a direct referral to a private hospital.

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