it’s the weekend and are you getting ready to PAR-TEEEEEEEEE?

i almost broke all my old bones going to mambo on wednesday but i guess its a refreshing change to my system with some booze. My god. it was packed (as usual)!

was a wee bit unlucky because someone spilled drinks on my legs and heels 5 mins into the club and some 15 mins later, this guy (i think he’s drunk), poured a mug of beer onto my PRETTYYYYY dress.

ARGH! so i trudged around in a wet frock (thank god it was dark and i was in checks so no one noticed) while i went around earning my keep (gawd, this sounds so wrong).

and i bumped into wwenzz and simoncool!!

and the mobile ravers are like so cool, i had loads of adrenaline pumped into my system while standing close to them. they so rock!

my favourite is the ang mo (omg..he’s cute!) and guy in the alfro wig (so cool la!) and the mambo crowd is so game in taking pictures with the funky looking bow ties.

so here’s some pictures for the night, and i cannot believe that agnes is asking me to plan a mambo night some day soon. I don’t think my body can take it, so if that is planned, i need to plan my leave the day after to recuperate.

and presenting simon! he frowned when i pulled the bow tie over his head!

btw, it’s zouk’s mambo jambo 17th anniversary next wednesday.. i’m sure it’s gonna be a huge party. is anyone going? I just might….

and guess what? i heard a rumour..

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