huh?! Do I smell like vanilla?!

Der has been caught sniffing the baby many times and he keeps telling me, hey, Jerry smells like vanilla!! the little bub does have a sweet smell emitting from him, and I have no idea why! Do all babies smell like that?

And I think I am going to have a talkative baby in the future, or maybe one that sleep talks, just like his dad. Jerry has been giving out cooing sounds and uh uh and ah sounds when he sleeps, just like how it would sound like when one is in a conversation, and I thought he woke for a feed only to realize that he is still sleeping soundly and his eyes are totally shut.

Hmmm… Is it typical of babies to do that?

I love how Jerry flops into dreamland right after his feed and sometimes, burping him when he’s in dreamland is quite funny a sight. He just slumps over and totally unaware of his surroundings.

It’s almost midnight now and all the boys are asleep while I go about doing my milk business.

I could just stand and stare at him for a long time. Errrmm.. I think it still didn’t quite sink in that he popped out of me.

And hey, I can’t believe that the weekend is over, It’s back to caring for Jerry myself all over again tomorrow when hubby heads to work. =(

I need some comforting with the hubby away!

Good night people. Am feeling sickly right now with a looming sore throat and aching bod. I think I have overworked myself too much. I need a timeout please, and no.. I don’t mean that chocolate bar.

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