i never thought that i’ll say this, but after the month long anticipation of the africa trip…

i suddenly have no desire to go at all.

it’s like i’ve lost interest, too tired, and suddenly it seems more like a dreary thing than something that i’ll anticipate.

guess it was a prolonged case of anticipation, or that i am too tired with everything that’s going on right now.

there’s just so much to be done. the mind is racing but the body is in a trance. argh. i just want to push everything away, curl up in bed and wish no one would bother me for a while.

there’s just too much going on right now and i really really wish there wasn’t any additional stress.


on a side note.. i discovered that i think best in the following situations:
– in the shower
– during a jog
– when i drive (alone)


had dinner with the bestie yesterday and passed her pictures of the hen’s night and the wedding day. had a short dinner while the pictures were being transferred from my netbook. quick update on the recent happenings, and i really do missed dinners like such. we rounded the night with bad traffic in novena square’s car park and i sped the night away to get to goodwood for some moon cake. we were the last 2 customers and PHEW!

was really thankful that i managed to get the moon cakes for der’s parents and promptly delivered it over last night.


do you feel at times that there are too many roles in life to play? and being everything at the same time is such a tedious process?

at the moment, my shoes seemed way too big for me to fill them in.


ok. i.am.grouchy.

i wish i could just get out of my seat for a run.

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