I just puked again a while ago.. Looks like i am not getting any better despite resting the entire day.. I want to get out of this sickie feeling soon! It sure sucks to keep wanting to vomit.

Of cos, which means I haven’t really ate anything for today..do feel a little weak and a bad headache just started to plague me.

Decided to think of happy stuffs to cheer myself up so here’s all the good food and happy moments for the week (and the week before)!

Lunch at watami with Bernice last Monday!

Bernice’s salad.. I stole some of that yummy corn since I’m not allowed to eat salad (at least not those that are not home prepared).

Bernice’s cold noodles. I can’t remember the name, but it looks damn interesting. The noodles are cold, served with a platter of sashimi and ice. Very interesting but I can’t try. According to Bernice, it’s an acquired taste and it’s very yummy! It will be many moons before I can try eating sashimi again. I kinda miss it!

My beef sukiyaki. Didn’t manage to finish it though. The beef taste is a little too strong and I can’t seemed to swallow it.

Bernice’s green tea ice cream and mochi.. Stole bits of it..

My caramel pudding served with chocolate ice cream.. Yummy but a little too much for me..

Dinner with Bernice again on Monday night! Her hubby is alway in US for work so I dragged her for dinner since I don’t have dinner at home either. She would skip dinner cos she’s just too lazy to eat alone! We landed up in xin wang hk cafe in northpoint since we both are northerners! The hubby came to join us after his work.

Baked pasta. Tasted quite good. Bernice’s food.

See the hungry monster at work.

Hubby and me.. Errmm. I didn’t take any picture of our food! Guess we were too hungry! I had the papaya vermicelli and the boy had pork chop. I think I was more interested in his pork chop than my own food!

Yoguru yoghurt treats on Wednesday after yet another Japanese lunch at Kallang leisure park. Happiness! The left one with mango, blueberries and granola toppings is mine! Sure am a greedy one right? I finished everything and felt happiness!

Friday night. Date with the husband, I made him wear nice nice so that we could go gai gai! =) we landed up in airport t3 because he had a craving for sakae’s teppanyaki! But… The restaurant was closed! In fact, the entire stretch of shops were all gone and the place was undergoing renovations. The boy was so disappointed, we wanted to rush to century square before the restaurant closed. Thank goodness I decided to make a call and found out that the T2 sakae also serve teppanyaki. The gung-ho boy decided to be adventurous and take the sky train instead of driving over. Can I just laugh and let out the secret that while he decided to make his heavily pregnant wifey walk the distance, he regretted big time even before he reached the sky train platform? It was so far away!

Him on sky train and me below. The boy used the retro camera app. I think I look like a monster here or maybe devil. Haha.

The boy’s garlic rice. You know, I realized that these days.. I’m not as good as capturing pictures of the food I eat. Is it the pregnancy hormones raging that is causing my memory loss or that the hunger just overtakes me.. I totally didn’t capture any bit of the dinner except the boy’s garlic rice (fried right in front of us) and the scallops below?!

Okie. It shows a little of my foie gras and der’s veal meat. I had beef which was surprising soft and tender despite it being well done. Lovely. Definitely a happy day.. I love dates with the boy but unfortunately we don’t get to do it often because by the time he travels home from work (from Johor), the shops are mostly closed and there’s hardly anywhere we could go/do.

Wanted to eat kway chap over the weekend and popped by the kopitiam near my house at blk 123, yishun ring road. The wait is horrendous! The wait is at least 30 mins and 80% of all the coffee shop patrons are waiting for their kway chap to be served. I didn’t wait of cos, ended up eating mee rebus (and I didn’t rake a picture!). Major fail.

And yup. That’s all the happy stuff. Bernice is now in new York, to be re-united with her hubby and having major shopping sprees at the outlet malls so my lunches ain’t as happening without the presence of my happy lunch buddy. I hope she comes back soon. There won’t be much chances to have lunches anymore in the future since I’ll be away for a while..

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