i had meant to post this last week, but i was so dog tired each day amidst rushing my work, and heading out.

i met mich for lunch last thursday after my meeting in town and took some pictures while i chilled in her office waiting for the rain to go away so that we could walk over to suntec.

and then, we bumped into yee tat strolling in suntec and dragged him along with us for lunch since he took a day off to ROAM around and had nothing better to do!

i wished the weekend had been longer. I spent saturday mainly shopping for a house-warming gift with rodney, and popped over to jennifer’s love nest at Quintet. woah. love her house for her view and the huge pool downstairs!

popped over the ikea for some furniture shopping (more room revamps!) and queensway to get my favourite fbt running shorts.

sunday? the run, more work and a “family” birthday gathering. ha! i think i can pass off as a 23 year old cos someone asked derrick if i’m his sister!


ok. u must be thinking today cherie is free cos she is blogging. NO. she is blogging cos she is damn sleepy and falling asleep very soon!

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