dear simoncool just told me that because it’s a FRIDAY, he’s super happy. and omg! i didnt realised the week just passed me by, just like that!


my confidence has been relatively high recently. one of the reasons is that i have been selected for interviews with big companies and it’s really quite a confidence boost.

the other day when i was going for an interview, some young guys whistled at me while i was walking limping past them.. i didnt think anyone would have whistled at someone limping. does that mean im good looking? *laughs*

and while i was walking into another office the other day for another interview, there was a van at the carpark gantry, waiting for the barrier to rise before exiting. i walked past them, and one of the guys (passenger) was making squeaking noises to catch my attention, to which, i ignored. and guess what amused me? the driver who was about to move on when the barrier came up, prob was distracted cos the engine stalled.

i cant help but grin. haha. its so funny lah!

and this morning, i got a call to say im selected for an 2nd interview with one of the companies, but i am not able to go for the interview in my condition. am still waiting for the agency personnel to get back to me with regards to it.

i hope its good news!