If I ever suffer from it.. The times where it’s most apparent is during my gynae visits. I always have tonnes and tonnes of questions between my visits, but each time I step into the consultation room.. I usually forgot at least 50% of the questions and go “aiyah, forget to ask again!” after I stepped out.

Didn’t help that my gynae’s clinic is always packed and he is always trying see everyone all the time. Speaks damn fast and for a few times, I actually caught him having a half-eaten burger lying on the table or munching through one between consultations, not that it matters or bothers me. I’m just amused.

Anyway, I tried preparing the list of questions sometimes, but FORGET to refer to it. I enlist the hubby’s help sometimes but he too, forgot. I do wonder if I’m the pregger one or he is at times. Haha!

Anyway, the whole reason for this is.. My forgetfulness has resulted in me feeling regretful!!

I had wanted a similar shot for my maternity shoot and I actually took this the night before myself for reference. I tried with the various ribbons and bought them all along to the shoot.. told the photographer at the start of the shoot, but completely forgot all about it during the shoot when she asked if I had anything else that I wanted to take..

So there, this was missed out and I was quite sore cos I think it’s quite cute (ok, never mind if you don’t think so), so am posting this here just for remembrance. Never mind that my rendition sucks and my ribbon was hastily tied and not nice.

Ok. I know this is random. Battling the usual insomnia at this hour as usual. Can you tell I’m so so wide awake?!

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