just so.. i am bored!

spent the day napping around, reading blogs, eating and managing the pain. it is getting worse by the day and i wonder if Jerry’s gonna pop soon! it’s not so much about the pain that’s getting to me, it’s the frustration of immobility and the fact that i can’t seemed to do simple tasks that frustrates me to no end these days, like how it takes triple the amount of time for me to walk to the kitchen and get myself a glass of water to drink. and also the fact the things seemed to go a little slow-mo for the active me. i’m seriously not used to it and it feels like i have suddenly turn into an 80 year old. I’m pretty sure my 96 year old grandpa walks faster than me now! the thing with being slow is that the pain gets amplified. like i extend my torture because i cannot move too fast, and hence will stay in the painful position longer. argh. i actually contemplated asking the gynae to induce me to get me out of the current situation and even asked the boy about his opinion on it. i feel like a handicapped not being able to do much.

i wish i could get out and about but seriously, when getting outta bed is a chore when i need to go to the bathroom, i don’t see how i can manage to get out. i’ll prob go “ouch, ouch, ouch” along the day. besides, there’s really no where i wanna be..

as for the inducing, i really meant it as a joke to cheer myself up but then again, it might become an option if i have to lie around for another week or so. and i wonder.. when will the D-Day be? if only there were tell-tales signs on knowing exactly when i’ll bomb. for now, im just afraid that the pain stays after the labour because it sure feels like the pelvic bone has shifted and i don’t know of anyone that have difficulty in walking (with pain) during pregnancy. i hope everything goes back to normal soon. argh.

when is the light at the end of the tunnel gonna shine on me? I need some positivism here but am not getting any being cooped up all day in my room and in the house. i can’t even find a comfortable position to read.. and believe it or not, it took me 2 separate occasions to finish drafting this blog entry because i just find it too painful to stay in one position for too long.


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