a major headache in the evening almost killed me. i made lotsa mistakes in my work and sent it out in a mass email. 😐 and in a bid to return home early today, i forgot to do something extremely important and i’ll need to head back to the office at 6.30am tomorrow morning to clear it.

havent been drinking water at all. i’m so busy that i dont remember. it’s only when my fingers and eyes start burning that i realise my body’s lacking fluid.

the world is mourning with the death of steve irwin. i am sad too. i love national geographic channel the best, and i often see his hunting shows and find him extremely courageous in his acts, though sometimes silly (as in he doesnt have to go through those risks!). but without him, i wouldnt have gained the much knowledge i got while watching the show.

and like everyone else i know, a lot of people on my msn list is spotting that turtle icon as well.. i know this ain’t news anymore.

and guess what?!?! i’m done with my PACKING! now, i need an early night’s sleep to recuperate for the early morning office stint tomorrow and 2 days of torture.

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