i’m running extremely low on energy and am going to knock out pretty soon. the pictures are still in the cammie and my body is just so tired.

the activities during the retreat was extremely my kind. adventure stuff, cracking the obstacles, team building etc. i especially love the high rope activities (even tho i didnt have a chance to do it – only 2 pairs in a team get to go!) but seeing all the hype and encouragement from the various team is so much fun! i went onto this double dangle duo instead and that’s extremely exhausting cos my partner is not very strong and i had to pull myself up after i let her step on me to get up.

mahjong for almost the entire night after the campfire. was nodding away when the game got slow and only grabbed 3hrs sleep. amazing race on the 2nd day around the island with mind bogging challenges. my team is the overall champion for all the activities and boy! we were overjoyed and cheering the whole time. incidentally, my team is also the loudest when we cheer. despite some internal conflicting issues and some loggerheads (from different depts/sub company) within the same time, i guess we did fairly well when it came to the games. when the retreat finally ended, i was sad to leave the place. the whole company left on the 2.30pm ferry and i stayed back for the 4pm ferry instead with 3 other colleagues. i tried my hand on the flying fox and it’s really really fun though the climb up is a little daunting with only small little “U” steps to step on.

what can i say? i want to GO AGAIN!!!

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