It’s one of those mad rush mornings today. My mum wasn’t in since she left the house before the sun is up to JB for her post surgery check up and I didn’t have that extra pair of hands to help me out in the morning, just so I could prep for work faster.

Hubs and me had to pack the baby off to the in-laws, who has taken leave especially to help us take care of the baby till my mum is back. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take leave as I had a launch to do today and the husband has some timelines to meet.

It was the first for me, kissing my baby good bye at the void deck with him smiling at me, and turning my back to leave. It was tough. I kept having the urge to want to turn back and make sure he was ok. I guess I was also wondering if my in-laws could handle because it’s a first time for them looking after him and he is been a rather needy baby for past week (likely due to his teething). the past 2 weeks was ok while I left for work mainly cos he was still sleeping and my mum is already fussing over him.

And as I make my way to the train station.. I thought..

would I be able to survive the day where I had to leave him in school?!

Shall worry about it when the day comes. I think I just might burst into tears. Hahaha.

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