Right after my previous blog post about feeling jerry’s teeth and not seeing it, it made it’s appearance the next day when I came home from work!

I didn’t have any pictures to show though because he moves to much, doesn’t open his mouth voluntarily and when it happens, his tongue is busy thrashing about so it’s peek-a-boo with the pearly white for now. His left teeth is showing first. Too cute.

Meanwhile, mummy is giving him cooling teethers to chew on and it’s has proved quite useful in distracting him..

Nom nom nom.

Meanwhile, I discovered a trait that der has that is EXACTLY the same as his son. Der likes to run his fingers along jerry’s sides and he’ll burst into laughter non-stop. Heh. The husband reacts the same when I do it too.. No prizes for guessing where my fingers are going to the next time I’m angry/pissed.

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