much sleep is needed. i am super tired. 2 late nights in a row and im falling sick again. the cough monster was back to haunt me this afternoon and i flushed him away with loads of water.

i’m sure, he’ll be back. so rest is required and rest i shall.

with so much thoughts bursting in my mind and no good answer to. it’s time for sandman to clear them away and fill them with happy thoughts in dreamyland.

hiding under the covers is comforting too. it’s like a baby protected from harm. and i like the warm cosy feeling. makes me feel loved. maybe its my own make-believe situation. maybe it’s just me thinking too much. but, it’s me trying to survive in a dark world, fighting for things that others do not see, and cannot help.

focus i shall. sleep i will.

good nite sweetie.

good nite friends.