I had the worst soft boiled eggs ever yesterday morning. IF you could call them soft boil eggs.

Coupled with thebaf attitude and the long waiting time, I was literally going to throw these eggs in the aunties’ faces.

They took like 10 mins to notice me, 5 mins to take a simple order of bread and eggs (the aunties started chatting amongst themselves midway through my order taking and left me staring at them like some idiot), and another 10mins to serve me my food. I saw one of the aunties happily chatting on her phone.

If not for the fact that I was dead hungry and desperate for food, I would definitely throw everything back at them and demand my money back!

And yes, it’s the foodhub at my office in 67 ubi ave 1. I’m sure I’m not the first customer to complain about them and they just had to spoil my morning EVERY SINGLE TIME I order something from them.

Damn rude. I wished the management would read about this and do something about it. Especially since more than 60% of the food hub stalls are empty and devoid of tenants. What use is a food hub when they are so limited stalls to choose from?

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