these days, my life’s bursting with activities and i seemed to have something going on someday. i have been wishing for a day to clear my room and pack it a little and throw more junk.

yes, somehow.. 2007 is a junk-removal year for me. i suddenly realised that i cannot stand much clutter.

28 April. i had a date with alan tam…

derrick’s boss, K bought me tickets to watch the concert. i wasn’t given a choice to decide if i want to go. derrick just told me that his boss bought the tickets for me. a $150 ticket.

of cos i wouldn’t mind going! but, being not so into his era and i cant speak/understand cantonese for nuts.. i was a little bored during the concert. i couldn’t make out what he was singing/talking about most of the time.

still, it was an experience of a lifetime. alan is good in stringing the crowd. gawd.

ok. except the 4 of us. trust me, i couldn’t see a thing towards the end of the concert. all i could see was bobbing heads and shaking butts.

how amazing. i cannot believe that guy is almost 50 years old.

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