ok. with only 2+hrs of sleep last night, leaving my home at 6.45am and a plate of mee siam for brekkie this morning, i joined a gang of guys on a hike.

was feeling uber sleepy even though moses came to fetch me. we started off the hike on the chemperai trail, down to the golf link and went up jelutong tower where we all gathered to take group photos. the view up there is breathtaking for a moment and the guys had a lot of fun shaking the entire tower and trying to freak people out. the sun was slowly rising at that point of time and sky was a nice clear shade of blue.

continued our journey down sime track, passed the petaling hut and down the petaling trail and attempted the tree top walk. i thought the tree top walk would be fun and exciting but it turns out to be pretty stable and it’s not shaky at all. I was a tad disappointed cos i was hoping for some fun and adventure! the view is quite good up there and there were loads of friendly people around.

stopped for a food break when we hit rifle range road through rifle range link. that was when i realised MY OAKLEYS ARE GONE! i ran back the way to petaling trail and tried to find my oakleys, but on the way there and back, i didn’t see my oakleys and there werent many people who have passed the trail after us. someone probably saw it and decided to keep it for their own. some of the guys came running with me to search for it, and comb every inch of the trail twice.


i had wanted to wail, but i stopped myself and kept psyching myself that it’s ok. it’s ok. it’s just gonna be ok. nevermind the fact that it’s cost me 200+, and it was a christmas gift that i bought for myself and him last year. it was something sentimental, but i lost it. maybe it is heaven’s way of telling me subtly that it’s time to let go. first the watch, and now the sunglasses. slowly, they all will make way for new stuff, and new things to fill my life.

so now, i am so sore that i don’t have anymore sunglasses to wear and i already blew my wallet on the 3 watches this month. i don’t think i can afford another one anytime soon. *pouts*

after the little detour over the sunglasses saga, we crossed the bke and joined the rest of the pack. it then started pouring heavily and i was soaked from head to toe with water-filled shoes. oh my! the rain was hitting down on us so hard that at one point of time, we started running to find shelter. a quick discussion with the group under shelter and we decided to abandon the trail to bukit timah nature reserves (even though we were so NEAR!). we crossed over the railway tracks and hopped onto a bus at jalan anak bukit to get back to our cars. i freeze my butt off under the aircon in the bus, still dripping with rainwater!!

and gosh! it took so long! by the way we were back in MacRitchie, it was 1+pm.. that was where we separated our ways where some made our way to have lunch in amk where the rest went home to sleep or attend to their appointments. spent the rest of the afternoon on 5 games of snooker between allan and me. i like playing with allan! he stresses me out over the snooker games (we stress each other actually!) and made me concentrate on improving my skills. suddenly, everything that i knew in the past came pouring back to me and i was actually playing quite well!

and so, with the exception on the oakley… i had a FUN FILLED day and am happy that i did drag my arse outta bed for it, despite suffering from a blistering toe. i made 8 new friends and i SOooOOOoo want to do it again!

but seriously, i’m so dead tired now!

more pictures to come when i get it from the rest of the guys! the pictures i took today were quite bad, cos my cammie is spoilt (the lcd is not working), the framing for some of the pictures were terrible. it was a pain to look through the view finder, so i just based it on my estimation.

allan! i happened to see this and was i right that you were wearing the same top today too?! *giggles*

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