week 6 is a week of outings! Jerry had quite an adventure as he jets out in his maclaren stroller almost daily!

Meanwhile, I think he had a whale of a time being carried by my relatives the previous weekend while at my grandpa’s. This week, we saw him turning a little needy baby thats constantly seeking attention and wants loads of cuddles for comfort. Unfortunately, he has also grown quite a bit and I am finding him a little too heavy to carry.

Some interesting quirks of my boy that I observed in the last few weeks.. He can raise his left brow and give a “huh?!” look which is actually quite cute, with his big endearing eyes. Those eyes.. I wonder where he gets them from. Both der & me have relatively small eyes though der always argue that his eyes are big. My boy loves to turn his head left and right, scanning his surroundings and some times, frown in the process.. Like he doesn’t quite agree with where he is being put. He is quite accustomed to darkness and doesn’t cry when we switch off the lights into total darkness and would fall off to sleep by himself. While sleeping, if he ever suddenly gives out a loud cry and start sobbing, it’s a sigh that he has just wet his diapers. At times, i’m a little too fast in scooping him up and opening his diaper to change that I get caught in his shooting pee but I have since learnt to wait or slowly peel off his diaper to avoid getting “shot”.

He is getting more alert these days and can lie and play by himself, mostly consisting of turning his head left and right non stop, throwing punches in the air like some kungfu master (der likes to call him showing off his “yong chun quan”), and doing his bicycle kicks. This can last more than an hr and it’s quite hilarious watching him at times. Meanwhile, my brother insist that the kiddo loves to watch tv though mummy here has commanded that tv is out of bounds till he is much older. Occasionally, Jerry catches a few glimpses of it while we weren’t paying attention, especially since he spend quite a bit of time in the living room and the tv is usually on. We would stack pillows around him, creating a fortress to block out the tv, but his punches would topple the pillows over and he would quietly stare at the tv without our knowledge until someone catches him doing so. Cheeky little fellow.

He has quite a bit of a gassy stomach issue and we have realized that most of his cries are of discomfort because of gas in his stomach. It is relatively hard to burp him and it could take up to 30 mins to get a burp out. Because of this, he has been spitting his milk or giving small vomits randomly and occasionally, projectile vomiting which can be really scary.

He also drifts off to sleep quite fast after his feed, especially when we are burping him. Feels like he is especially comfy during the burp sessions because he always doze off. Even if we change his diaper afterwards, he would be in semi conscious state and drift to slumberland afterwards. As much as I know he shouldn’t sleep immediately after a feed because he would grow reliant on having milk before sleeping in the future, I can’t quite control how he likes to doze off. My boy would also give signals on whether he is ready to sleep. He usually gives out wide smiles in semi comatose state, suddenly go into deep breathing like trying to catch his breath, and the next moment, hands and legs droop down by the side like he lost all control and he’s out. Just like that. The hubby and I thinks it’s really funny and often laugh when we witness it.

He likes to swipe his mittened hands across his face as well, many many times (left right left right) as if to clean his own face while scrunching up his face during the deed, much like a windscreen wiper!

We have come to conclude that he likes the outdoors (like mummy!). It’s is harder to soothe him while indoors and my mum/der always carry him outside to the corridor and he would often doze off, while listening to the noises from the basketball court or simply, the ambient noises. He never ever fusses when we are out, but the moment he gets home, he turns into a little terror, much to our agony!! My mum even joked that we should get a basket bed and leave him at the corridor to sleep!

The major achievement this week is that I finally have better nights sleeping cos he has started sleeping through the night for 6-9 hrs stretch. I heard him fuss a few times but when I checked on him on the first night… His eyes are closed and he isn’t crying for milk. I wondered if it was a coincidence, and that he was too tired from the activities during the day time, or that mummy was too tired that I didn’t hear his cries while I slept.. But i did wake to express milk and he was sleeping soundly throughout. So when it happened the 2nd night and then the 3rd night.. I think the hubby is like the happiest man on earth. To help the baby sleep better, I had also decided to let him wear disposable diapers during the night. Part of the decision was also because I still have a huge pack of newborn diapers (hubby bought a big pack cos he thinks it’s cheaper with the bigger pack but we hardly use them) and Jerry is growing so fast, he is likely to outgrow them soon so I think better not to let it go to waste. I do hope this sleeping through the night thing stays.. Though I know the babies’ schedule always changes as they grow.

Jerry loves to smack his lips or stick out his tongue telling us it’s time for his feed. His lip smacking are getting louder and louder and the family is very amused by it. When I first heard it, I thought it was my brother! Then, we realized the baby’s the culprit. Heh. Sure knows how to get his message across!

And here’s the outings for the week!

monday – my brother didnt work and we headed out for a dim sum lunch and decided to swing to MBS last minute for a buffet lunch at todai. the brother and i have been craving for oysters for the longest time, but alas.. they only serve oysters on thursday night and weekends. still, we had a great lunch, a stroll around MBS.. bought my mummy and myself a pair of sandals each from charles and keith while jerry sleeps happily in his stroller, waking up for feeds and fussing only when his diapers is wet. we adjourned to ikea alexandra next before popping back home before the rush hour traffic at 6pm.

tues – the hubby took leave to help me while my mum is off for her doc’s post-surgery check up in JB. we packed the baby, got ready and zipped off for some shopping in town. we didnt buy anything but it was a nice little family outing.

These days, the big diaper bag is like the de facto bag. No matter how I try to streamline, there’s still so much to bring out!

Napping on the journey out.

Daddy feeding the baby at qiji, suntec while we have our lunch. He seems to know when we eat and fusses for his milk too!

Daddy burping baby. I LOVE this shot. My 2 favourite guys at the moment. Heh.

My mum got home and realized everyone is gone and ain’t home, so she called and screamed at me.. I think she is suffering from separation anxiety with the baby. It must NOT be outta her sight if she is home.. So we popped home without even doing dinner. I had to tabao my dinner back!

wed – met my colleagues for lunch at NEX, and i brought jerry along to meet them.. took the train and it was my first solo trip out alone with him.

Sleeping on train.

Jie Jie Xueli carrying Jerry, but baby was fussing for milk because it’s time for feed!

popped by the office after lunch to meet everyone and bade bernice farewell (it was her last day!) and had loads of people oohing and ahhing at him! well, i wanted to stay longer but it was nearing his next feed and i didn’t bring enough milk with me so i quickly headed off the moment he started fussing. he cried on the way out of the office and at bishan mrt for a short moment… and i survived the journey home unscathed, just in time to feed him the second i got home. Hubby gave the go-ahead for a night out so i snuck out at night for a dinner date with bernice and slurped down a lychee margarita.. the taste of alcohol after a long long while. am a really happy girl because hubby was really sweet! He even came and fetch me home thereafter. =)

thurs – we stayed home to rest a little. mummy me needed rest from all that fatigue from heading out daily and also, in preparation for the big outing on friday.

fri – was going to lug jerry with me for a girly day out with bernice but my mum stopped me and decided Jerry should stay home since he has been more fussy after coming home from all the outings. so i went ahead and popped out for a day of girly fun (more of that in a separate post). While i was out, my mum says Jerry is a darling at home and have been the totally nice, good baby that she wished for.

sat – it was a long long day out with jerry’s grand uncle and grand aunt! we had dim sum for breakfast at goodwood park hotel’s min jiang restaurant, popped by MBS for some photo-taking moments and played tourists at sentosa. Jerry took his first cable car ride and seemed to enjoy it.. But he was a little overwhelmed with all that crowd and noise down in the underwater world tunnel (boy, was it jammed packed!) and cried the house down.. I wouldn’t have imagined the crowd to be that bad. It was quite a bad idea to even suggest heading there. We went to chope seats 45 mins before the dolphin show started and I was sooo glad we did that cos 20 mins later, the theatre was packed and everyone else was denied entry. Jerry laid on his changing mat and spent an hr kicking and throwing punches in the air while we all waited for the show to start/watched the dolphin show..

strolling around at MBS.. Just realized one passerby was captured and blended into our picture!

Jerry’s first cable car ride! Up up and away!

Baby Jerry has xsilly for company! We forgot his beanie pillow and blanket! Oopsie!

while waiting for the dolphin show to start.. Throwing his little punches up in the air!

He seemed to enjoy lying there!

Grumpy picture with daddy. I think Jerry is thinking.. hey, put me back down. I want to get back to my comfy mat and practice my punches and flying kicks! I think he looks like me here! Lol. Does that mean I have a grumpy face?!

grandaunt happily carrying baby Jerry before she flies back to the states the next day..

We ended the week recuperating on Sunday from all the human traffic madness at sentosa and all the traffic jams and extra journeys on road because of road closure due to ndp rehearsal the day before and sent daddy off to Aussie! Wish the weekend come soon and we can have him back!

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