my last weekend was simple, nothing exceptionally special (except that der burst his credit limits) and i swiped my card for a pair of $700 heels.

sounds like an extravagant weekend, but it hardly is. the only pampering thing that we did was my treat to a dim sum brunch that left me full for the next 12 hrs.

what do you think the greedy girl ordered?

the siew mai was a mistake. i didn’t know why i ticked it but we ended up finishing everything thing that you see between the 2 of us. my favourite’s is the egg tarts without a doubt. Hmmmm.. the next time i’m there, im just so gonna order 5 plates of the egg tarts, 1 carrot cake and just have that as breakfast.

argh. all these food and memories of it is not helping with my current hunger pangs. better go sleep it off. good night people.

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