all i did was 4 things.

1. shopping
2. mahjong
3. eat
4. sleep

and the interesting thing? I spent not a single cent on shopping and all we ever got was a $1 ice cream for me.

it was meant to be a window shopping day, because we had wanted to check out some of the rings that we were looking at and see if der would be able to get it during his trip in october. i know it’s way too early, but since we had nothing better to spend our time with and we really didnt know what we would like/prefer/want.. it’s always good to shop around for option. especially since if we really do want a pair of custom-made ones, we would know what we want and what to avoid. of cos, the time factor is also utmost critical since customization takes quite a bit of time (also depending on the jeweller).

anyway, anyhow.. i learned quite a few interesting things in the course of it.. and i looked at diamonds in a different way. from someone who don’t really quite fancy diamonds or take any interest in them, 2 days and it was all it took for me to convert me.

i spotted so many nice pieces that i wanted to grab for myself, to wear for leisure. and considering that i prefer chunky jewellery to anything else, it’s funny how i would like consider getting a diamond piece (still chunky of cos!).

i also learned that my diamond is very very dirty and dull and that the ring is a little too big for me. it fits and wouldn’t drop, but it moves around a lot. it’s funny.. because when i first wore it.. it left marks on my finger (a tad tight).

i also learned that my diamond had a number lasered onto it. or at least all GIA certified diamonds have serial numbers lasered onto them. yeah. i know. i know. i am so a diamond idiot right.

i also learned that 80% of the wedding bands of the shelves are very ugly looking, and the rest of the 20% was acceptable looking. and nothing was exceptionally ‘wow-ing’. i was so so so disappointed that we didn’t find anything that we like at all.

and the only ring that i liked and would consider buying didn’t have a plain band version for the guy. so it was totally out of the option.

and ya, we were back to nothing after 2 fine days.. but at least, we did some learning together. and it was a good starting point because we know better now what works and what doesn’t. and what we would possibly like.. makes it much easier for us when we potentially consider to customise.

and oh, i also so fell in love with a cartier band in rose gold, with a half eternity of pink sapphires and diamonds. but it’s 5 grand for a really thin ring. *ouch*

hmmm.. any suggestions?


on the mahjong front, i think i played 4 rounds over the 2 days. i won on all 4 rounds but it was very little winnings. would have been a lot more but i guess i was listless and tired and i ended up being ‘bao’ a few times. 5 fan eh! ultimate sian-ness!


i am so tired that i’m going to snuggle in bed with a good read and sleep soon. night.

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