the pictures of the snow aftermath that i took from my aunt balcony was awesome! alright, because i was really lazy and tired yesterday, i did a really BAD job of stitching them into a panoramic view. i didnt really take an effort to blend them together, and i was rushing outta the house for a driver’s test. anyhow, here’s what i manage (simply smack the 8 pics together) to show you the (breathtaking) view..

that’s abt 180 degrees view. it is a 360 degrees view that i took, but the lack of time and energy is deterring me from stitching them to show. afterall, stitching photos together is hard work..

i kinda amazed as well as amused at the stuff i do here. i started stitching a small little cross stitch for my uncle, to kinda thank him for the trip and his time/effort. so, that’s taking ALOT of my time.

i also spent a couple of hours reading a 100 page state of washington driver’s book. totally boring and puts me to sleep, but i wanted to take the test. finally went for the test after much delay and passed it in abt 10 minutes.

my aunt was shocked, but it was kinda easy since i already know how to drive. the tricky portions were those that pertains to left hand drive (as opposed to our right hand drive) and scenarios like uphill slope parking and downhill slop parking etc. only got 3 questions wrong outta 25, 1 pertaining to the local laws, 1 on uphill curb parking and 1 tricky question on giving way to pedestrain. the only wasted thing is, i procrastinated too much and now, there werent any available bookings for a practical test. the earliest available was on tues, 1.30pm. cant make it since my flight is at 3pm.. and i had to head for the airport 2 hrs in advance.

had korean food for lunch (pics coming soon) and popped over to lynnwood (again!) to check out some stuff that aunt wanted to buy. it snowed when in lynnwood while we were there (slightly drizzle) and i was a delightful little girl (& crazy) frolicking around.

aunt dropped me off downtown for the rest of the afternoon, where i spent hours and hours walking in the cold till uncle picked me up in the late evening, and i was almost dying of hunger. couldnt decide if i should eat on my own, cos then, i wont be able to eat dinner if he decides to bring me. and i didnt want to call to disturb his work. and a silly me decided to wait.

we ended up eating KFC cos i was lazy to think what i wanted to eat, and really tired.