i sure had fun reading about everyones’ valentine’s day.. the nice meals that they had and the interesting things that they do.

mine was extraordinary extra ordinary. i had a packet of $3 chicken rice (with chilli) for dinner!

i was so famished that despite telling myself that i had to take a picture to blog about it, i still gobbled down the food the moment i got home. 🙁

and i spent the evening and the rest of the night with a bunch of aunties and uncles playing mahjong… while the youngsters were all out enjoying the day. shit, am i turning into an auntie already?! i am so not married yet.

anyhow, i still had fun with 红中, 白版, 发财… till i eventually dozed off at the sofa. the day just went by in a flash. i’m such a thrifty person! wahaha.

and oh. i didn’t get any flowers on valentine’s day. the flowers were sent to my office a day in advance! am really thankful for the gesture. was a splendid surprise and i was touched that der did pay attention to what i write sometimes. of cos, i was feeling really good the entire day!

i got an assortment of wild flowers!

*all smiles*

and oh, here’s the present i got. a francesco biasia tote/shoulder sling bag from milan.

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