Day 2 in venice started bright and early as i wanted to pop by the rialto old market or also known as the tourist market. Its basically a wet market (my kind of thang) and der is quite amused that i want to go to a wet market. Well, find the culture is rich and the sights colorful and the bustling effect, a joy to watch.

The vegetables section. Didnt see anything interesting thats different here.

The seafood section amazes me!

The wide variety of seafood interests me to no end. The scampis, prawns, the shrimps that are still flipping itself and trying to stay alive and the lobsters that are still crawling about on the bed of ice. The many different kind of crabs that are freshly caught (because they are still moving around on the bed of ice). I noted very interestingly that they so not tie their crabs like how we do in singapore. They are all free to run (if they could) but i think the ice might have slowed them down.

The bamboo clams make me salivate because they are my favourites, the neatly arranged scallops and of cos the oysters (i wished i could buy them freshly shucked and slurp them down my throat with a squeeze of lemon, but i cant) and the cockles. Just too bad i aint staying in a serviced apartment (im not sure if they have it in venice) but these fresh seafood maked me feel like buying and cooking them! The fish variety is huge, i spotted many weird looking fishes, the local sole fish, salmon, swordfish and some catfish looking fishes that they pre-skinned. The squids also comes in various shapes and sizes and species and funny how the octopus aint purple color at all. It looks pale and a little greyish in life.

Der kept urging me to go while i lingered quite awhile around. He couldnt stand the fishy smell!

The flowers stall also had some lovely flowers but the practical man refused to buy his wifey any. Hurmph!

We went back to the hotel for a nap before embarking on the rest of the day since we woke really early to catch the market in action. The rialto market operates from 7am to 11am daily so if you ever come here, do make sure you arrive in the morning, else all you’ll see are empty spaces. The stalls wont even be around!

Okie. Continue in a separate post. Konking out now. It’s way past midnight now for me in rome.

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