i still have the urge to eat durians, everyday!

especially since it is the durian season now..

the other day, while we were at goodwood park hotel’s min jiang restaurant for dim sum buffet lunch.. i gobbled down many many portions of durian puddings. it was oh-so-yummy!! can i have more please?!

the service was really impeccable, the staff were all so attentive, catering to our dining needs, spotting the teapot needing a refill almost immediately when we were finished it up, the food came at all the right times and even though we polished off the entire cart of dim sum off this lady, she gamely served up everything and asked if we needed more.

i didnt take pictures, was too hungry to bother.. a pity really. but then again, the food was all gone in a flash the moment it hit the table, i guess i wouldnt have much chance anyway! it was also because we were there pretty late and we needed to clear off the table to make way for the reservations after us in 45 mins. well, we didn’t make it obviously but we weren’t chased off either.

back to the attentiveness of the restaurant crew. we didn’t finish this plate of fish that was supposed to be a speciality of the restaurant. in fact, the fish was barely touched. between the 6 of us, 3 are non fish eater.. or at least.. non steamed fish eater (my uncle, my brother and der) so between my mum, my aunt and me.. we hardly touched it. to me, it was rather bland.. and the fish had this muddy taste which turns me off. so the manager came out after we were done…and enquired about feedback on the fish dish and why we left almost the entire plate untouched! the chef was a little concerned since it was their speciality (oops!). they even offered to serve another serving of fish done in our taste and likes but nah.. we were all too full.

well… until i decided to ask.. how about some durian pudding? we would love that! (i mentioned it cos we were all complaining before that the durian pudding at the buffet line was gone and they didn’t refill with a durian pudding but a mango pudding instead. it was SOOOO GOOD). well, never get if you never ask!

i didnt think we’ll get it but we each got served an individual serving of the durian pudding and wow, am i impressed! it was truly a happy happy meal! will definitely be back there soon because it was such a pleasant dining experience!

and errmm. since i am in goodwood park hotel, i never let go the opportunity to buy durian puff/durians products! i had wanted to get the durian strudel but we were heading out so i decided to drop the idea… and got a ‘mao shan’ power puff to try since it’s new and limited edition for june 2011!

happy with my durian buy..

for the uninitiated, the ‘mao shan’ power puff is a mega-sized choux pastry generously filled with creamy ‘mao shan wang’ pulp and is only available for a limited period of 1-30 june, from 12-7pm at the Deli for takeaway. It is priced at $12.80+ each.

the verdict? it IS delish! the durian is power-packed, rich and creamy. the moment my brother cut up the puff, the durian smell permeated the entire house. my gawd, i am so wanting to pop by there everyday to buy one and eat..

maybe i should do it tomorrow later. heh.

and ya… i didn’t managed to take a picture because it was gone in a matter of seconds. but i did managed to find a picture that my uncle took of the staff pipping the mao shan power puff, while i was placing an order (you can see me in the mirror reflection at the back!).

ok. looking at it.. i am DROOLING already! highly recommended!

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