we do silly things. like popping into mos burger to grab a burger and set meal before meeting our friends for our dinner date.

it all started when we walked past raffles city mos burger while looking for a suitable birthday gift to buy…

jen: hey, the scallop burger that i like is back!
me: really?
jen: ya, its nice. you should try it when you have the chance!
me: actually.. i do feel like eating mos burger.
jen: stares at me. we going for dinner you know. you really want to eat ah? ok. let’s go.
me: ok!
and the duo just popped into mos burger and ordered a set, complete with a large drink and fries before strolling over to suntec to meet our friends…

haha! anyway, the verdict is.. i don’t really fancy the scallop burger and jen says it’s not as nice as it used to be. the scallops seemed to have shrunk in size.

and the real dinner we were supposed to have…

we had this pumpkin pizza that tasted quite good. the soups were kinda exotic and not to our liking, but fiona finished the entire bowl because she likes it! the pizza is crisp and light, and breaks apart if you try to hold it too hard. it’s a refreshing change to my perception of pizza and i think i will be back there to check out the rest of the flavours available.

and oh! it’s definitely not a filling meal and thank goodness that i had the mos burger in advance.

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