sometimes, people at the workplace puts a smile on my face. i’ll like to call them my friends, because they are more to me than the word “colleagues”.

monday morning i came into office and found this sight.

don’t look like there is anything majorly wrong? well, except that the baby mickey mouse is not part of the table decor. it was a gift.

for a sucky monday that was exasperating and hair-pulling, the baby mickey was definitely a “high” for the day. it was so cuddly that i was squishing it the whole day! hahha. not bad, it doubles up as a stress ball.

and because the desk is over crowding and partly because i wanted to show der, i brought him home with me! and he became fast friends with x.silly.

and baby mickey has got a new name, given by der! his name is…. *drum roll* 毛小奇!

thanks dee dee! you really cheer up my day! 😛

the other funny thing that happened was jen. she saw the mickey mouse and very loudly exclaimed,”why is this mickey mouse so ugly?! who gave it to you?!”.

it’s ok dee dee. we share the same love for cute but ugly toys. i will love 毛小奇 all the same. 😛 and guess what x.silly say when he saw his new friend? “mama! 毛小奇 power eh. i only got 1 heart, he got 4!! (on shorts and feet)”.

ok. lame. i know. 🙂

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