it’s kinda a struggle to get through today. mugged last night for today’s jap class dictation. serves myself right for not doing revision regularly. drifted in and out of sleep, memorising the stuff that was required and doing a little bit of revision to aid the memorising.

at 9+ tonight, right after i came back from my classes.. i plonked myself on the bed for only secs before i drifted into dreamland. minutes later, i woke to wei’s call and somehow, it made me more awake and i decided not to waste the night away since there are loads of things i had to accomplish this week.

the last bit of depressing news i got on my mobile this afternoon from dreamylynn was that my mobile was indeed beyond repair and the most i can trade in for is $50. this mobile issue has been depressing for the last couple of days. i guess the mobile is the gadget that i depended on most and im suffering serious withdrawal symptoms.

but then again.. within the span of 1 week.. countless people have offered me their spare phones. my uncle offered me his n6230, wei offered to give me his n7610 so that he can go buy one. some even offered to loan me money for the phone and to repay them after i get my first paycheck on my next job.. wow. you know, these people makes me feel so loved. although i rejected all their offers, i feel good knowing that people have no qualms about being nice to me. it is indeed very comforting to know that i do have many caring friends. so people, a BIG thank you!! loves you all.

now, im all wide awake. mainly cos of the late dinner i had and me refusing to head back to bed in an attempt to prevent myself from growing fat.

today, while having the now daily msn chats with wwenzz, simoncool, i_believe, pishako & binique, i was asked to retell the story abt wei & me. feeling lazy, i referred them to the old blog where i wrote abt the relationship on our 5th anniversary. i started reading the story myself too. it brought me smile and warmed my little heart with a special glow.

it’s been a long time now. time really flies. i wrote that in 2004 and its now 2006. the writings i had on the old blog also reflected much more happiness, enthusiasm, hope and energy. somehow, it felt like a stark difference with my current writings. have so much come and went that i didnt realise that i was going down? wei did tell me that my temper is getting worse and i somehow also find myself blowing up more occasionally.

is that the result of being stuck in a rut? not being able to progress from a point to another? not having any growth in terms of learning? i don’t know for sure, but time will soon tell and perhaps, change me. afterall, im really looking forward to a new beginning, even though the unknown future seems quite daunting.

*takes a deep breath*

now, all i hope for is a better me in 2006!