it’s been a long long day.

dragged my arse outta bed and brought mum to the hospital to see my doc. doc wanted to explain the procedure to my mum.

the original plans of heading back home to study right after crashed into the bin when a call came through just before i left the house. a form was required, my signature, scanning of it and emailing it back, and a last minute request for an interview at 2.30pm.

screwed my entire plans of wearing jeans and i wasted time ironing decent clothes for the interview and getting ready my certificate pack. ended up being late at the doc for an hr.

met kim leng there. yes, tan kim leng of presbyterian high. right in the same clinic, with appointments with the same doc. such coincidence.

2 hours wait at the doc, and rushed off to the interview.

i dont know what i was thinking, i actually dated my mum for beef noodles at purvis street after the interview. i TOTALLY forgot abt studying for the jap test!

quickly zipped home for a quick bath and rushed off to jap class.

sigh. u know what happened.. i almost submitted an empty test paper. after missing so many classes, skipping most of the homework, and sleeping in the rest of the classes, i would be amazed if i can pass.

wei popped by and fetched me for dinner and home. its kinda sweet of him cos i told him my leg was aching after walking so much today. we had jap dinner again!

ok, im totally tired and cant think straight. i better stop before i bore you people. heading for bed!